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Networking Circuit Infrastructure Support

ISL CRESCERE Co.,Limited provides a safe and secure networking circuit to our customers. If you are having troubles on networking between China and Japan, our company could offer help to you.

The networking in China nowadays is still very unstable. For instance, you might be unable to send or receive emails from Japan to China, or unable to increase sales due to low work efficiency in China, or worry about the high cost, etc.

Our service is to stabilize these unstable networking infrastructures, and give supports to your business in the IT field.


Our service is to stabilize these unstable networking infrastructures, and give supports to your business in the IT field.

What are the advantages of infrastructure support?

A stable way of sending and receiving e-mail

  • Prevention of delay and non-delivery, and transmission errors would also be eliminated, thus increasing work efficiency!

Stable data communication with Japan and China bases

  • The sending and receiving of images and huge files will become easier, and internet conference, which was unable to do in the past, will also be possible.

A stable way to access the internal system of Japan and China

  • As the connection to Japan internal system from China base has become easier, software and intranet access which was impossible in the past will become possible.

Cost reduction and information leakage prevention

  • When you are having server difficulties at China base, our technicians in Japan could also access to the server easily. The danger in hiring a local staff that leads to increase in costs and leakages of important information will be greatly reduced.

Smooth business with China corporates

  • As you would be able to contact with China corporates by emails, there would be higher chance to increase sales.

And these things are also possible!

Content services and internet services in China will be easier

  • No matter you are deploying your content services at China’s server or Hong Kong’s server, without troublesome procedures, you would be able to deploy content services in China.

Deployment of utilized Networking circuit infrastructure services

  • The overseas services that were unable to deploy due to the unstableness of networking infrastructure, could also be possible.

Line monthly fee by plan

It is provided with shared network or 1M~private network.

【**Set up fee - 1 month fee of each plan**】

Shared Network Plan

Suggested for whom having trouble with sending e-mail.
(If you are required to send large scaled file or CAD file etc., It is suggested to choose Private Network Plan.)

1M Private Network Plan


2M Private Network Plan

We recommend this plan if you have CAD data and files.

3M Private Network Plan


・It is available to have other plan than the above, please contact us for more information.

・The above plan is only for connection between Hong Kong (H.K.S.A.R.) and China (R.O.C.)

・We will not guarantee any connection speed in Mainland China (R.O.C.)

・If have some unexpected trouble depends on some unexpected situation inside Mainland China, it might cause some access restriction.
Although we will prepare several plan to try to assist your access.

We provide the best and most suitable business for our clients. Please contact us if you have any inquiry.

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Website Design

For the website production of ISL CRESCERE Co. Limited, we analyze the current status and market of our customers, which is a user targeted way of production. We would first listen to customers’ needs by taking a visit, and discuss a strategy which can improve their business. We always keep in mind that we are working as a team with customers as we think together, and produce together.

After the making of website structure, it is not the end yet. We would also think about how it could increase the number of members or visitors, and follow about how our customers could update the website by themselves in a simple way (CMS). Plus, we would give help on internet marketing strategies such as SEO and SEM.

From concept planning to production or website renewal, we would try to suit customers’ needs, and be able to build company corporate websites, e-commerce websites, campaign websites, mobile/smartphone-friendly websites, and multilingual websites.

In addition to Hong Kong, ISL CRESCERE Co. Limited also has company base in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Thailand, and Laos. Therefore, we could as well produce websites which are targeted on other countries

We have been developing a wide range of up to HKD5,000~HKD100,000. Besides, we would utilize the know-hows and designs of website design from company bases in Japan, Thailand and Laos, and produce multi-language websites which could match the needs of each country.

Smartphone Application Design

For the smartphone application design of ISL CRESCERE Co. Limited, our offshore development center, Thailand and Laos would do the production.

Our bases in Thailand and Laos would utilize the know-hows of smartphone application design from Japan and Thailand. Therefore, not only in Hong Kong, but we could also produce smartphone applications which target on each country.
As we have several overseas bases, we could lower the labor and production costs and provide multi-languages services as needed.

Develop Japan quality applications

Thailand base acts as the main smartphone application development center of our company in Japan.
The smartphone application market of Japan is huge, and the quality and creativity is also much higher in Japan when comparing to other countries.

Therefore, we also depend on the sophisticated technician in Thailand, who they could develop complex and difficult smartphone application.

The smartphone applications we have developed are games, camera applications, bulletin board applications, tool-based application, catalog applications, and internal

Lab Contract

Lab contract is an employment status that could provide a longer service period than normal contracts. This could enhance the utilization of excellent human resources, and flexibility in improvisation. We believe that this kind of business will be important to build trusts between partners; therefore, we would select our team manager carefully to communicate with our customers.

Production achievement

・Camera Apps
・BBS Apps
・Casual Apps
・Tool Apps
・Catalog Apps
・In-house Apps for Company

We have developed over 100 smartphone applications, and been able to work on huge projects from HKD10,000~HKD hundreds of thousands.

Cloud Service

For the cloud services provided by ISL CRESCERE Co. Limited, we offer an online storage service.

It is an online storage service that designed for business, which uses the cloud server technology that prevents server stop or loss of data. For traditional online storage services, people do not know where to find their information; however, our company would offer services to help any customers in needs.

In addition, we could also provide cloud services on the domain that you are using.
You can as well create unlimited user accounts in our program, and that it could be used as a backup for any important documents or images.

Simple operation

- Drag and Drop to upload files
- Download or delete files anytime or anywhere
- Preview photos (JPG, PNG) on Cloud

Multi-platform support

- Support browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrom
- Support different OS such as Windows, iOS, Android, Blackberry

Method of Sharing

- Share the file link for One-Click download
- As long as a user has registered, you can share your files with that user.
- You could also set the expiry date on sharing for security purposes,


- Use of server that is managed by data center
- Customer-specific storage