Introduction example

The examples of Communication infrastructure services of ISL CRESCERE Co.,Limited will be introduced in the following.

■Company A situation

Company A has one back office in Hong Kong and one factory in Dongguan China. All the branch office and factory are connected by the internal mail server. However, the problems of delay in email delivery are very serious. The time of delay sending should be by few minutes to several hours. Some serious cases showed that the mails were delayed by 1 day.

It is very difficult to follow the ordering and manufacturing process due to the delay sending and receiving of business emails. It should cause reduction in operation efficiency of the company.

According to Company A situation, we suggest that they should join the line-sharing plan to handle the frequent email contents.

After they joined the line-sharing plan, we found that the problems of delay delivery have huge improvement. And the efficiency and effectiveness of information exchange has increased significantly.

■Company B situation

Company B has a number of branch offices in Japan and China, and they have managed the computer server separately. So that they should afford a high cost in server management.

Our company also provides data management services. Company B has joined the 2M Speed Private Network Plan of our company. To lower the total server management cost, all of the servers are managed by our professional Japanese engineers. The offices located in different countries are able to work in the same system. That’s why the efficiency of company operation is increased. It is not only to lower the management cost, but also to prevent the trouble of data loss caused by technicians.